November 18, 2010

tips to trux

Chances are you know I'm a huge fan of the gourmet food truck scene that began in LA and has spread across the country. From my experience as a fan, I thought I'd offer a couple tips to the folks with the trucks. That said, I realize its a little like someone who knows nothing about design or tv offering me advice on my business - it could be a brilliant suggestion I never thought of, or it could be something completely implausible, no matter how well-intentioned. I don't claim to know anything about running a food truck, so take these with a grain of salt. My first is about marketing - something I know a little about: Make sure your name, logo, or twitter handle is prominent near your order and pickup windows. People taking photos of your truck like to take photos of people lined up and ordering or getting their food. Most trucks have their name on the side panels that flip open, meaning when the truck is open, the only people getting good views of that logo are people flying over. A lot of trucks do smartly have their name above that panel, but that also can be blocked when the panel is open. The second idea is about food - something I know nothing about: If your menu allows, offer options that allow multiple tastes or small bites when in locations with other trucks. Some people coming to your trucks are there for their meal, but others, like me, think of it like the county fair and want to try several trucks or multiple things from one. Sliders and tacos are great examples of this: offering a combo of three types or just individual ones. On one hand, maybe someone isn't spending as much with you that way. On the other hand, more people may give you a try. Despite wanting to try them, I've bypassed the cheesesteak trucks every time because one cheesesteak is too much food to handle if I want anything else that day. But like I said, take those ideas with a grain of salt. I know nothing about your business, but I love being a fan. And finally, a tip to those customers new to gourmet food trucks: remember the gourmet part. Orders are almost always prepared to order and take some time. This isn't fast food. Be patient. Its (almost) always worth the wait. And if you want to follow all of LA's 145 Gourmet Food Trucks in one click, just follow my list on Twitter. Noms away!
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