November 1, 2010

sunday in the park

A few shots from Sunday's World Series game and Rangers Ballpark. We got there plenty early which made parking and getting in easy, with lots of time to wander round before the game. Our friends Michelle and John joined us for the game, and we also got to meet up for a bit with our friend Scott, who had flown in from Virginia. One thing Rangers Ballpark has never had is a unique signature food item like many parks (though you can get just about everything there.) Myron told me about how a new thing that was big was a bacon-wrapped dog covered with brisket. We made sure to find the place for that and braved the line, only to discover it was a place that sold brisket sandwiches OR bacon wrapped hot dogs (which, by the way, happen to be the official hot dog of Los Angeles. Maybe they don't know that part.) Nonetheless, it did the job. The game itself didn't go so well, of course, but the night was fun. I think most have lost hope for tonight, but maybe they can claw and antler their way back. Though it is November - and even for a baseball fan, baseball in November is just wrong.

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