November 15, 2010


Sunday my pal Alan joined me for the LA Galaxy game - it was the Western Conference Championship to go to the MLS Cup, so we went early. Turns out we were wayyy early - which wasn't a bad thing. We drove into a virtually empty parking lot right in front of the Stadium and had our choice of anywhere we wanted to park and set up. Plenty of other people started arriving not long after and the tailgates began to set up. Our vat of caipirinhas and food from the North End Caffe was not exactly a match for the grills and awnings that people came with, but it worked for us. I had forgotten what a great stadium the Home Depot Center is, especially with everything so open. I had gotten seats next to the LA Riot Squad to be close to the fans that'd be singing and chanting through the match. They were fun, but the Angel City Brigade on the opposite side of the stadium seemed to be a lot more into it. Next time I'll try over there. Overall, there was a youth and energy to the place that was very different than any MLB or NFL game I've been to. Its clearly is a sport that's more accessible and leaning to the future. Unfortunately, the game itself didn't go so well. Alan commented how you could feel the energy drain out of the stadium after the other team scored their first goal. Even the Riot Squad got subdued. And after two more goals from the other team, the feeling of defeat was palpable. Despite the score, it was a fun night, but I hope my streak as my teams bad luck charm is ending, because I plan to go to a lot more games here next year.


langolier said...

By the look of the stadium, it could/should have been open seating.

Unknown said...

actually it was a sellout crowd - I'm guessing the upper pic just happens to be from the start of the game before everyone was at their seats and the lower action shots may be after the 3rd goal by the other team when a lot of people already began to leave. I'm always a stay to the end guy.