October 12, 2010

good taste

A couple visits to the LAX Food Truck Lot recently that are worth reporting on: Today I met up with my pals Bill and Al for lunch at the lot. I had been anticipating trying @NanaQueens since Sunday when I noticed they were scheduled to be there this week. Their specialties are wings and banana pudding (why the two, I have no idea, but I'm not complaining because I love both.) I went for the mild wings after a warning that the hot ones are "very hot" and that the mild ones still have spice. For me, they were perfect: with a good spicy bite but plenty of flavor. (Though for Al, who isn't a fan of spicy, even the mild were too hot.) And the banana pudding was just like Mom would make, complete with the Nilla Wafers, though having it topped with caramel sauce was a new treat. @NanaQueens can't come back to the area soon enough for me. Last week was my first truck lot visit after a few weeks in Europe, so I was excited to get back to my beloved trucks, even on a cool drizzly day. One of my very favorites, @VizziTruck was there, and I went for their Jidori Chicken flatbread Piadina with Brie, Queso Fresco and Crème Fraiché. Something about that combination of ingredients never disappoints. I actually ended up saving most of that for a later meal, because I had to try another truck that was there for the first time, @ShrimpPimpTruck. Their Shrimp PoBoy was considerably smaller (thankfully, for me) than a traditional PoBoy, but the shrimp fried in a delicate tempura tasted surprisingly fresh, and the baby greens, tomatoes and remoulade also gave a really surprising and fresh twist to a PoBoy. These are definitely three great gourmet trucks to watch for on the streets of LA.

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