October 3, 2010

get back

Whoops. Yup, I'm back in the States now. I should know better than to leave a last update of leaving somewhere and then not updating after the travel - though I think I do that every year. Of course I know Mom and Dad follow my Twitter updates, so at least I know that they know I made it back okay. I'm still settling back into American life, but have had a few busy days of doing it - from a burger on my friend Heith's deck (I was craving a hamburger my first day back - go figure); to a day at Disneyland with my pals Al, Dino and Jon; to brunch today with my friends George & Joe along with Cindy and Jack; to now hanging with my friend Kelvin who's in from London; plus tomorrow meeting my friend Erica from Minneapolis. More highlights from the Disneyland day tomorrow...

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