October 20, 2010

freeze frame

A bit of bloggers block today - I think my brain is still fried from everything I took in at the Motion2010 design conference. So I thought I'd share a photo I ran across the other day - Its one of my favorite pics, even though its frankly a terrible shot of me. This was in Torino during the Olympics, and speaking of fried - this was at that point during the games when we were all just incredibly fried from the hours and days. But someone had come through that day with extra tickets to one of the hockey games, so my pal Borys and I jumped at the chance to go. We had just worked from 1am to 1pm and I think the game started at 3 or 4. You can tell I've got the Olympic weight-gain going on (with those hours and free NBC commissary full of good stuff, it happens to a lot of us every time.) I've got a beer in hand, and I'm wearing my favorite hat with my friend Bill's XK9 logo, but its falling off because the two characters, Neve and Gliz (snow and ice) were accosting me either before or after posing for a photo. I love that Borys thought to snap this along with the posed setup pic and capture it. And as much as I hate the way my smile usually looks in pics, its so strong in this one because I'm genuinely laughing that I can feel the same feeling now that I felt at the time. That seems worth sharing.

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