October 22, 2010

faux retro

Apparently a lot of cereal companies lately have been issuing limited edition "retro" boxes over the last year (I missed this somehow.) I ran across these Cap'n Crunch boxes a couple weeks ago, and was at first excited - thinking that they had dropped all the awful bevels and shading and gradations of their newer packaging, not to mention the scary 3D Captain. It was only after researching later that I found a few articles about the limited edition retro boxes that had been issued. Even still, I was surprised to see that their logotype had stayed that much the same (aside from the effects.) And it turns out that it hadn't. These aren't actual old box designs from years ago, these are new completely made-up designs. The actual old labels used a logo that stayed truer to the typeface, but used two levels of baseline (seen in the bottom photo above.) Later years shifted to a consistent baseline of the same typeface. This random wacky hand-drawn logo is a new invention completely. What's even better on the actual old package is the "stays crunchy even in milk" type. It screams its era so much more than the brush script of the new false retro box. So while its kinda cool that they went to the trouble to adopt a simpler label, even if only temporarily, its a little disappointing that they did a fantasy version instead of reproducing an actual one.
  • archive of actual old Quaker cereal boxes
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    KingChemistry said...

    Great little story! I like both retro versions over that awful modern one. The Cap'n looks like a total crack-head in the old one!! And love the 'even in milk' comment... we know it stays crunchy without milk. Good stuff.