October 5, 2010

e ticket

Playing catchup here still... back to Saturday: I went with my pals Al, Jon and Dino to Disneyland for the day (what better way to immerse myself back into American culture?!) Like when we went last year, Al led the day for us perfectly. He used to work there and still has an annual pass, so he knows the way to do it masterfully, guiding us to Fast Passes and filling the time in between them with the fun stuff that had shorter waits... By the end of the day, there was hardly anything any of us wanted to do that we hadn't done at both parks. Disney's new "World of Color" show, by the way, is pretty good. Its a huge fountain, light and projection show on the lake in California Adventure. Its good, but a bit disjointed and missing the Disney emotional punch. It's a solid B. It closed out our day, and we wandered back to Disneyland, but couldn't muster up the strength to do much more. And I only realize now how agreeable our whole group was. I'm often reluctant about group excursions, but I don't think there was ever any disagreement about what to do when. Our day was a definite A.

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