October 10, 2010

beachin bday

If you've read the blog for long, you know one of my favorite things to do on a nice day is to bike with friends to bars in Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo. Last year, I decided it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday; and this year, I couldn't come up with any better idea, so I went for a repeat. (The birthday is actually Monday, but Saturday was the best day to celebrate.) The fun is always seeing who shows up - it never tends to be who you expect, which can always be fun. Starting with my favorite place, Simmzy's in Manhattan Beach, we had people joining and leaving the group at every stop along the way, with my pal Heith the only one to tough it out in what ended up being six stops from beginning to end. It was a perfect "summer" day; no better way to spend it than with friends over beers at the beach. Thanks to everyone who came down to be a part of it.

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