September 30, 2010

taste of zurich

A day on the train yesterday and a quick night in Zurich is the final chapter of this years european escapade. I had always heard how expensive it was here, and even finding a cheap hotel for one night turned out to be probably three times more than any night has cost on the rest of the trip, but I figured it was just hotels or something. I realized when passing the Burger King in the train station and seeing the big sign advertising the Whopper for 14.50 Francs (when 1 Franc = 1 US Dollar) that it was the case with everything. Maybe its a good thing I only have the quick night here just because it was my only flight option (I could only manage a flight into Amsterdam and out of Zurich in order to use SkyMiles for the flights.) So the night was mostly wandering Old Town trying to find dinner a little too late and being turned away just as each restaurant's kitchen closed. I have to give a shout out to the Restaurant Swiss Chuchi. I had stopped there as their kitchen was closing, the guy pointed me toward some places that were open but I asked if he knew of anyone open that served Swiss food. He didn't so I wandered on. Ten minutes later he saw me still wandering and called out "Hey you want some Swiss food?" and waved me in. That made my night. To cap it off, I found a little schlager bar a few blocks away that was even playing schlager I had never heard in Germany. But like all things, the trip has to come to an end, so time to pack up the laptop and head to the airport... As much as I miss my bed and the waves, I'm not ready to go back.

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