September 28, 2010

sail on

Well that's one way to send off my Oktoberfest time with a bang. Yesterday at Fischer-Vroni was absolutely nuts. Because of it growing big like the Bräurosl Sunday, there was a lot of discussion about how early to get there. We ended up going in the midday and were fine getting in - doors looked like they were still open even a couple hours later. The Fischer-Vroni tent is about a half or a third the size of the Bräurosl tent, and is known for its grilled fish - we didn't partake in that, and opted for the traditional pre-drinking weißwurst instead (though we saw plenty going for the fish!) The party was slow getting started, but by early evening was in full swing; and things got more festive as usual as the music moved from more traditional songs to schlager. Our group sort of accidentally fell apart somehow, and I also managed to get caught up in a bunch of drama, so it was a bit of a strange and wild night. Maybe a bit rocky, but sometimes the best boat trips are. No regrets for staying longer this year and getting to experience it.

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