September 4, 2010

righting myself

An email from your mother guessing that you must not have wifi is always a good signal that you've neglected to update for too long. Of course, if you know my mother (who's not a computer user), then you know it still tickles me just to get an email from her at all. The first few days here have been a blur - which is not unusual, though I did forget how that can happen. I flew into Amsterdam and took a long train to Berlin (the price of flying using air miles), which was a mix of working and sleep. The jetlag hit hard and virtually wiped out the entire Thursday with sleep - again, I've learned that by now on previous trips, but I had forgotten. And with being in a neighborhood and places I know, I even forget to take pics and share it since I already have before. The time in Berlin revolves around a big street fair today, so the days (or nights) have been social leading up to it. I've run into friends from all over - Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada; even some from Munich are here this year - and more coming today. And had some great fun with some new friends from Scotland yesterday, which restored my hope that maybe I can get along with people from the UK. (Though they explained that they often have the same riffs with English that I tend to find, so who knows...) And in between that, its been mostly keeping up with work and trying to adjust to the schedule. The apartment is great, but I've learned the hard way not to drink the water. I would have thought with my travels I would have learned that before now. At least now I know... Overall things are starting to right themselves, so hopefully my postings will be more frequent as well.

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