September 14, 2010


Monday I met up with my friend Francois, who offered to show me a bit of Paris from the back of his motorcycle. Its not the kind of experience many get to have, so how could I resist? Luckily I was used to riding the streets of San Francisco with my friend Russ, so have been trained to be a good "pillion," something I take some pride in. He toured me around some areas through the Marais, Bastille, Ile Saint-Louis, and near his old district near the Sorbonne, including Arènes de Lutèce, a hidden Roman Circus from the first Century now used as a park. And of course we also spent time just visiting in a streetfront cafe. It was exactly the kind of unique experience I love, unfortunately it didn't offer much chance for photos to share. Later that evening, I caught up again with my friend Eric for dinner. I mentioned wanting Moules et Frites, which took him by surprise, so he took me to a local place that specializes in it. It turned out to be more of a belgian chain that offered every kind of variety there is, so wasn't the happenstance cozy cafe experience I had with them years ago in Paris, but was still nice even just for the company. And after we stopped at another cafe to sit streetfront (of course) over coffee (and cola light for me.) A very full day of just being here. I leave for Munich tomorrow, so one last day still to go in Paris, but I'm already missing it.

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Jim said...

Great pics, as usual. That's the way to travel and experience the world. Of course, it helps to know some of the locals.

I hope you have a convenient place booked for your Munich stay. The workers of the public transportation system are on strike. So no U- or S-Bahn...and the Wies'n starts on Saturday. Maybe it'll be over by then. But Munich is one of the most walkable cities around and knowing how you like to explore things you should be fine. Have a Leberkässemmel for me, will ya'. :)