September 23, 2010

night moves

some shots from my night last night in Munich - a very locals kinda night with friends at their traditional "stammtisch" (a tradition of meeting at the same table every week); and then to a birthday party for a bartender I only know a little, so I was hesitant to go to at first, but glad I did. It was quite the production, though I sensed that it was also very typical and full of local customs and traditions. I was also struck by something else I've noticed at other parties here - the food spread was a significant feast. I love that unlike in the US, where you try to not be seen eating at parties and may discreetly nibble here or there, people here are not shy about indulging in a big plate. Its kind of refreshing to see something like that be no big deal. I capped my night with a stop at my favorite schlager bar which is always interesting on a weeknight during Oktoberfest - just a few locals in their lederhosen and dirndl who have likely come from the Wies'n grounds but are not yet ready to go home. I can't blame them.

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