September 10, 2010

le zig zag

Ah, Paris. I think I pissed off some guy in a bar last night when he asked me what I liked about Paris and I told him that I just liked everything, and I couldn't give a better answer than that. But that's pretty much the truth. What's not to like? It's always vibrant and alive, its beautiful and complex and layered. You can walk in any direction and you always see amazing and beautiful things and never seem to end up someplace you shouldn't be (not that it doesn't exist here, I believe it just tends to be in the outskirts of town). For someone like me that likes to just wander and soak up the energy and atmosphere of a city, its perfect. My apartment on the 5th floor in the middle of the Marais is great - the top photo is the view out my window with the Pompidou Centre nearby. Just opening the window fills the room with the sounds of the city. Most of these shots were within blocks of where I am staying, taken while wandering and running errands (and a new pair of sneaks and a fresh haircut don't hurt the mood either.) Paris is the perfect zag to the zig that was Berlin.

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