September 6, 2010


As I mentioned in the last post, the time in Berlin all centers on a big streetfair on Saturday. And I also mentioned often forgetting to take pics lately (as I usually do just while walking or at all times - for those that don't know, I generally shoot blind, so pics are just snaps in any direction without thought; meant to capture the moment and surroundings.) Saturday was no exception to being forgetful, though I finally did toward the end of the night as I happened to discover a new (to me) street food: Nackensteak! Though it looked much like a hamburger, apparently its a cut of pork taken from the neck. Maybe not the healthiest, but really full of flavor. I'm told its common at things like fairs and festivals. It may be the highlight of the whole weekend. And once the fest was over, the cleanup was fast and thorough with typical German efficiency. I caught a pic of the long compound word on the side of a street-sweeping truck. The German method of combining many words into one often very long compound word has always amused me - perhaps because those are the words that would baffle me most on my first trip here. (I believe the truck's 'Hochdruckwaschanlage' label translates as "high pressure washing plant" by the way). Overall, the weekend has seemed a bit more of an overwhelming whirlwind this year that previous ones, though I haven't determined why that is. I seem to find myself more in recovery mode than adventure mode, but maybe the next day or two without an agenda will help work that out.

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