September 25, 2010


Knowing that Friday was forecast to be the last day of good weather for a while in Munich, my friend Richard and I went to the Wies'n grounds to check out the historical Oktoberfest section they opened this year in commemoration of the 200th anniversary. It included some horse races, a big feature of the original Oktoberfest wedding celebration as well as through most of the years of the fest until recent years. It also had traditional livestock exhibits and several rides (a lot of them self-powered) and attractions from different eras, as well as quite a few tractors and steam engines that reminded me of the fair my Dad used to take me to in Berryville Virginia when growing up. The change in weather came a little sooner than expected, and we ended up hiding from the rain in one of the tents with a beer for a good bit of the time, until it finally let up enough to brave the rain. It didn't seem to dampen the spirits of most who continued on (including the rollercoasters and rides) as if there was no rain at all.

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