September 18, 2010


I'm not sure how two days already passed in Munich, but so it has. Actually its not so hard to understand considering the opening weekend of Oktoberfest is such a big event with so many people and things going on, and Friday was really a long work day spent mostly in the apartment (not a complaint, just explanation); it just feels like its all already gone so fast. I'm glad I have an even longer stay in Munich planned than normal in hopes of enjoying a more relaxed pace between the biggest Oktoberfest event tomorrow, Braurosl Sunday and the smaller one the Monday of the following week in Fischer-Vroni - my first time to stay for that one. The city is in full swing with so many visitors here and the locals all in Oktoberfest-mode as well. Lederhosen and Drindl started appearing on the streets as early as Thursday, and even from my apartment I could hear the bands and canons opening the fest officially today. Tomorrow begins early and ends late, so don't expect to hear from me before Monday! Prost!

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