August 6, 2010

photo ops

the trip to Seattle and back happened to offer some better photo opportunities from the plane than usual - though now that I think of it, that could be because I lately find myself switching to a window seat preference after getting tired of constantly having my elbow banged into during flights. I had been an aisle preference for the last few years after getting trapped between the window and a very large seatmate. I still probably prefer the aisle for longer flights... Anyway, the top pic is of Catalina Island. Notice the airport to the lower right with the runway ending at the cliff's edge. eek. The sunset pic catches Mount Ranier as we were approaching Seattle. And the lower pic captures the "marine layer" we've come to know all to well this summer. Under the layer of gray clouds is LAX Airport and the beach, while further out, the rest of LA is warm and sunny. We're used to that in May or June, but its been that way most of the Summer.

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