August 2, 2010


Sunday I was back on the rails for the trip down to Centralia, Washington. My sister, nephew, and my Aunt Susan met me at the train station and we went directly to the local playhouse, where my cousin Paul's son Aiden was playing in a childrens community production of Oliver. I have to admit, he pretty much stole the show. From there we went on to my Aunt's house for a family cookout, joined by my Aunt Peggy and cousin Kerry and his family. Growing up in Virginia, I grew up not getting to know this side of my family that well because of the distance (for that matter, my mothers side of the family was in Miami). It was nice just to get to hang out in such a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful spot on top of some hill in the middle of wherever.

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(and by the way "some hill in the middle of wherever" isn't meant as a slight against Chehalis, its more meant as it being so peaceful and relaxed, that you forget where you are... just in case that doesn't read the way it was intended.)