July 31, 2010

trippin again

I'm on the road again, er - well clouds and rails I guess. My sister and nephew have spent the last few weeks traveling Alaska and are passing through Washington to meet up with most of my Dad's side of the family who live in Washington and Oregon. I'm in Seattle today for a quick one day adventure and then meeting up with them tomorrow a bit south of here. Being so close to LAX, I forgot that the drive to an airport can sometimes take a while - especially in Friday afternoon traffic. I barely made my flight out of Long Beach, but got there just in time. The trip into Seattle was painless thanks to their new light rail (what a concept, huh?!) I found my apartment in Belltown and got settled in time to wander out for a beer before closing time. I don't have any real agenda for today, its not my first time here so I'm not set on seeing any main sights, so just playing it by ear and headin out for some wandering.

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