July 22, 2010

so LA

What better way to mark being back in LA than a trip to the Tuesday LAX Food Truck lot? I met my friend Alan for it and had some new and unexpected treats. I've heard a lot about the @YattaTruck, and was hoping to try their 'you be the chef' sushi - what I wasn't expecting was to end up going for the cheeseburger sushi instead. You heard me. Their All-American Roll is beef steaks and melted cheese rolled and coated with a tempura shell: Nom. Genius. Once we saw it we knew we had to try one. As long as we were going for the not-so-healthy route, we decided to go all in. Offerings from the @TastyMeat truck had already grabbed our attention earlier, so after mulling over what to split, Alan went in full force for the Iron Box, which may be named for what you'll end up in if you eat it every day. The Iron Box is french fries with red feta spread and tzatziki sauce, topped with beef, lamb and chicken. Yowsa. I was torn between the Bamwich or the Grilled Cheese, but they swayed me to go for the Grilled Cheese with chicken added. They also advised a feta sauce on the side - and that really made it. I hate to admit that the grilled cheese was far better than anything I've had from the truck that specializes in them. Tastymeat wasn't even scheduled to be at the lot that day - they filled in for the @PapasTapasTruck which I was really looking forward to, but had mechanical troubles; so Tastymeat really turned out to be an unexpected treat. But after a week of lobster rolls and then this, my gym membership is calling.

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