July 16, 2010


The days in Provincetown become almost identical, which isn't a bad thing by any means. It does make it hard to explain what we're up to day by day, because it tends to be almost the same thing every day. It also leads to the week flying by faster than you realize, but I guess that's pretty common for travel. The days are generally spent in the house doing work or taking care of business, with evenings kickstarted with a social dockside party every day ("tea"), and with the signature drink being "Planters Punch," its all downhill from there. We've done bingo, karaoke, and just general wandering, (as well as sampling a variety of styles of Lobster Rolls,) with the night always ending with a massive crowd at a pizza joint when the bars close. And that crowd is massive (also known as the yard sale). Its a day worth repeating a few times, but we only have a couple more left.


rehab-bingo said...

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vervespot said...

Nice pictures and you're always great at painting a picture. Sounds like a blast!