June 14, 2010

time capsule

Some workers for the London Underground recently uncovered what is basically a time capsule gallery of wonderful advertisements from the late 1950's in the Notting Hill Tube station. It seems that some passageways were sealed up when elevators were replaced by escalators and left untouched since then, abandoning the original Central Line station. The space is inaccessible, but Mike Ashworth, Design and Heritage Manager for the London Underground (how cool is that they even have such a position?!), posted a Flickr set of photos so we can all see them. I ran across them on Grain Edit's blog, who found them via Quad Royal's. Really an amazing find, but especially great to be able to see them in their original context exactly as they appeared.
  • Flickr: Hidden Posters of Notting Hill Gate

    blogger said...

    Good picture ^ ^

    Jim said...

    That is the coolest thing. London was basically my second home while I was still living in Munich and I know the Tube like the back of my hand. I loved those old stations before most were remodeled. Some would even still operate the wooden escalators.

    Thanks for sharing the link to these photos. It's indeed like a time capsule.

    Ashley King said...

    what awesome pictures!!!!