June 16, 2010


Tuesday is Food Truck day! This week's LAX Food Truck Lot brought some new trucks to our hood. While I was excited about the return of @DerbsGourmet, who serves the same Killer Shrimp from the former restaurants of the same name, but I was also anxious to try the @VizziTruck. I mistakenly thought Vizzi served Southern food, but their menu looked different and exciting anyway. Their piadinas were tempting, but they had a slider combo option - and I'm always gonna go with the option that gives me the largest sample of tastes. Of the sliders, the Organic Chickpea slider had a great taste - probably and surprisingly the best of the bunch, but the texture took a little getting used to. The Balsamic BBQ Braised Waygu Beef slider was really great - almost strangely like a taste of pulled pork, but in a very good way. The Jidori Chicken slider was good too, but seemed bland after the first two - maybe I just ate 'em in the wrong order. They were served with Pimento spiced Yakima Salt Popcorn, which was also full of flavor and a nice inventive side. My pal Alan also had their take on gazpacho, which was unusual and tasty. Laura also reported good things about her pulled pork barbecue from @BarbiesQ. The owner of Derb's had sold out when we stopped by later (always a good thing) but he said he'd probably be back next week. Wonder what other choices I'll have to struggle with then.

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