June 28, 2010

ride on

Last Monday I joined my pals Alan and Jon for a day off at Magic Mountain. It turned out to be a pretty great day with perfect weather and mostly short lines, but our age must be catching up to us, because we wiped ourselves out and wrapped up the day before the park even closed. Still we did manage to catch most everything and have a good all around time. A good break from the usual routine.


Jim said...

Magic Mountain is one of our favorite places. No time to visit this time though. However, we may end up having breakfast in your neck of the woods this Saturday. Any suggestions for a hearty all-American breakfast in an old-fashioned all-American coffee shop or diner somewhere between Manhattan and Redondo Beach? Who would be a better expert than a local foodie, right? Any ideas are much appreciated. Maybe we'll even see you around.

Unknown said...

the only old-fashioned All American coffee shop I would suggest is Pann's northeast of LAX (see a week or 2 ago posting); in Manhattan Beach my fav is Uncle Bills pancake house (not a coffee shop style place tho) - expect a good 40 min wait on a Sat unless you go after 1pm, they close at 3pm; The Kettle is a more traditional diner (foodwise, not settingwise) in Manhattan Beach; I don't know a lot about breakfast options in Hermosa or Redondo - Good Stuff Hermosa has great views and is right on the beach, but their food is not superb (though I do love their breakfast salad; yes I said salad).

Jim said...

I actually recognized most of the textures you took photos of at Magic Mountain. Do you think I've been there one too many times?

Thanks for your tips. Much appreciated. I heard of Uncle Bill's, maybe we'll give it a try on Saturday. I'm just glad to get my L.A. fix for a few days.