June 2, 2010


A couple finds on our Monday travels in Oklahoma: Finding the Citizens Tower in Oklahoma City by Robert Roloff led us to discover some of his other work on the web, including the 1964 Oklahoma State Capitol Bank, possibly made even more famous by being photographed by Julius Shulman. We discovered it still exists as an Arvest Bank, but has had a lot of poorly done additions and changes that negate the feel of Roloffs original building (I've tried to hide them in these pics.) The worst offense is a monstrous blocky drive-thru that so easily could have been a continuation of the saucers. Still, its nice to see that the building has been saved at all, so points for that. We also ventured up to just outside of Edmond to check out Pops66. Its basically nothing more than a tourist trap on Route 66 most known for its giant neon pop bottle, but the massive cantilever was really the star attraction for us. Everything about the place, down to the parking lot lighting and even the patterns mowed in the grass, is done with a great deal of consciousness. Since it was Memorial Day, the place was a madhouse, so we just admired the building and moved on, but the stop was still refreshing.

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