June 12, 2010


When I saw a tweet from @coolhaus today saying that they were in El Segundo, I knew I was in for a trip there. Its pretty rare for trucks to come that closeby to my hood of El Porto, so once the World Cup match was over, I jumped in my truck. El Segundo's an odd place (in good ways as much as bad) and is often called Mayberry by the Sea (in good ways as much as bad.) Considering that its next door and I'm there a lot, I was surprised that there were so many businesses on Main Street that I hadn't seen before. One in particular is a new gallery called Gasoline. Super cool stuff ("hot rod urban surf art") and worth a stop. A few blocks away, on Grand Street, I caught my friends Cherie and Jason working on their new shop Vintage Canvas (opening in July) so I stopped to chat with them a bit. Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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