June 18, 2010

feeds the soul

I realized I had some pics of Pann's that I hadn't posted from the last time my friend was here and we went on some hunts for Googie architecture. We had been here before (and I posted pics then), but after further searching, we realized just how well preserved (or restored) everything about this place is. Pann's was designed by architects Arm├ęt and Davis in 1958, and as Alan Hess says in his book Googie Redux, is typical of their designs that feature "a bold roof, integrated sign, glass walls and lush planting," creating an ultra-modern indoor patio both surrounded by and protected from swirling traffic on all sides. Little if anything about Pann's is run-down or threadbare. Business always seems brisk and the staff is always friendly - in a surly but flirtatious wink and nod kinda way. Plenty to warm the heart. And the eye. And the belly.

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