June 23, 2010

a cup full

I've been getting up pretty early (especially for me) for World Cup matches the last couple weeks. OB's, a fav local bar a few blocks away, has been opening for every game (which meant 4:30am openings during the first rounds!). My friend Michelle who also lives nearby has become the nudge (via Twitter) to get me out the door and to the bar to enjoy the games with others instead of just watching on the couch. Stumbling TO the bar in the morning is definitely a new experience. Its always fun just to see who shows up sometimes. Generally its a fairly small crowd, but the USA games have been a full house. Today was great fun (of course, it almost wasn't) with such an amazing goal and win. I've had more bloody marys and breakfasts the last two weeks than ever in my life. If you wanna come catch a match by the beach, let me know and join in the fun.

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