May 7, 2010

truckin along

Catching up on this week's visit to the LAX Food Truck Lot on Tuesday...In an effort to try to taste multiple trucks, I ended up ordering more of the smaller dishes this week. I started with a Brazilian Pastel filled with Korean bool beef from @Boolbbq - it was a good start. There was a lot I could have gone for from one of my favorites, the @komodofood truck; but I was swayed to their Guacamole Rolls because they didn't have any the last time I had tried to get some. They are bits of guacamole wrapped in wonton and fried, then dusted with Old Bay. The Old Bay sealed the deal and I had to try em. They were good, but one order was a lot for one person - they would have been perfect to share. A small red velvet cheesecake Bunny Chow from @Worldfare topped off the most I could eat and capped another adventure to the food truck lot. Its definitely more fun to share when others, so if you're in the LAX area on a Tuesday at lunchtime, come join me.

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