May 27, 2010


I'm in Dallas for the annual pilgrimage to the Oklahoma City Rodeo with my friend Myron. I spent all of the day on planes. I was reminded that flying in and out of Salt Lake City seems to always come with some pretty scary turbulence, which seems twice as rough when your plane is really teeny; and also learned that SLC's airport wifi is free, but so weak that you can't make a connection. No wonder its free. Anyway, when Myron picked me up he said we should go to one of his new favorite places in Fort Worth, I was hoping it was the place he and our friend Ron had both posted about recently, and in fact it was. The Love Shack is chef Tim Love's new place right in the middle of the Stockyards. The food was good (no raves), but the setting and atmosphere was perfect. Wedged in between two old buildings, outdoor wooden terraces and levels overlook a stage and tables in one direction and the Stockyards Hotel and streetscape in the other. I always forget what warm nights feel like and how much I love them, and this was a perfect place to spend one. Shiner on tap also was a good welcome, but serving any beer in styrofoam cups (really? Styrofoam??) is unforgiveable. Still, a perfect welcome back to Texas for me; tomorrow we hit the road for Oklahomaoklahomaoklahoma.

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