May 20, 2010

more updates

As mentioned before, I am continuing to add more projects to the recent work section of my site, with several more still to come in order to update work since 2008. The first of the new updates is a package from even earlier, but one that stayed under wraps for a long time. It is a project that continues to develop called "The.News" (they pronounce the 'dot'). The.News is a newscast produced by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions for broadcast in schools to students. Many factors played a role in the design, all aimed at being smarter and more modern than a typical news package. Traditional colors, textures and 3D were avoided to stay away from the negative connotations of most newscasts (the type mocked by the Daily Show or Colbert Report graphics). In the package, the dot is always the focus; whether highlighting locations or opening up to provide more information, the news is always in the dot. The second project is a show graphics package for Style Network designed as part of their 2009 new look refresh. The package is a generic package based solely on elements of the look so that it can be used for shows on any topic by only updating the title text. And the third is an open from the package for a TLC show produced by Authentic Entertainment about Kenadie, a little girl growing up with primoridal dwarfism. The approach for this was a very traditional scrapbook style, highlighting objects that reference her age as well as her size. Check em out here:
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