May 24, 2010


A bit of a tour around the South Bay today; we started with some Googie architecture for lunch at Chip's on Hawthorne Boulevard. It wasn't quite as well-preserved as we had read or hoped, but still interesting to see and experience, and worth trying. Remnants of other Googie or Googie-esque sights filled our trek that led us down to the Point Vicente Lighthouse, one of my favorite spots in LA, and also near to Lloyd Wright's Wayfarer's Chapel. Just a litle farther was the Point Fermin Lighthouse and tons of great glints of old character all over San Pedro. After all that, I decided I had earned a beer, so we capped the day with a brew on the marina at Naja's in Redondo. Maybe not your typical tour of LA, but one with plenty of flavor.

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Jim said...

It may not be your typical tour of L.A., but it sure sounds like our kind of tour. And if there's plenty of flavor involved, it's even better.