May 25, 2010


I told myself I wasn't going to keep posting as much about the Tuesday Food Truck court at LAX, because it seemed to be giving people the wrong impression of my diet. And the last couple weeks have not been great weeks for the food truck lot - mainly because all the parking has been taken away, plus last week was cold and rainy, so while the samplings from @Coolhaus and @LeesPhilly were good, they didn't seem to rate posting. This week didn't look promising either with the same parking situation and a couple of the trucks slated to be there absent. The @derbsgourmet truck (actually a trailer) caught my attention before we even got to the lot with a tweet about a soft shell crab special. I grew up on soft shell crab sandwiches, so I was intrigued. Their line was long, and the confusion after ordering didn't bode well - they were slammed and it seems a few orders got mixed up or lost, which led to a lot of unhappy people hanging around. Luckily for us, our wait was reasonable (waits for food from the gourmet trucks are rarely short - be prepared) and the food was better than I could have expected - maybe just because it was such an unusual treat. My friend went for the soft shell crab and I tried the killer shrimp, which was somewhat similar to barbecue shrimp, though a different seasoning. The soft shell was cooked in the same broth, both plenty flavorful, with pretty big shrimp, and perfect for dipping the bits of french bread that were included. By the time we finished our food, everyone had closed up, so we stopped into the farmers market for a couple more tastes. And that was followed by yet another treat - Weihenstephaner, who's HeffeWeisse is my favorite of all, had a beer called Victus on the list at BrewCo. We had a couple - turns out its a Weizenbock, and pretty tasty. Served with a setting sun over the ocean makes for a pretty good combo. Another flavorful day in LA.

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