April 27, 2010

splashes of color

If you've been on the beach in LA the last few days, you may have noticed some changes to the lifeguard towers. From May to September, 150 lifeguard towers stretching 30 miles from Malibu to Point Vicente will become an art installation of vivid colors and designs in the latest project by the Massey Brothers' Portraits of Hope. Area youth from schools, hospitals and other service groups will create and install the project. In preparation, the railings of the lifeguard towers were painted bright colors by volunteers this past weekend. The rest of the installation happens later, but the color is already beginning to show.
  • Portraits of Hope: Lifeguard Towers project
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    Jim said...

    We'll be looking out for these next weekend. You'll find us at one of those beaches next Saturday as we're going to back to fix our L.A. craving. Well, that and a concert at Hollywood Bowl. Can't wait.