April 8, 2010


I've gotten a huge spike in traffic to the blog thanks to the folks at Blogger, and at the same time I've noticed some changes made by Blogger that hide a lot of my blogs posts. It seems Blogger has a page of "blogs of note" and mine was the featured blog on Wednesday, so the last two days have had a few hundred more visits than normal each day. Its ironic that it comes at a time when the blog has become more of a chore and seemingly less important now that Twitter has become a more effective means of micro-blogging. And also just a couple days after I realized that Blogger has made a change that keeps many of my posts from appearing on the blog. The format is set to show thirty posts, so that in one view you can skim about a month's worth, but Blogger has changed all of their blogs so that they only display fewer - meaning mine now shows only around 10 posts - and there's no way to get to the posts immediately prior to that. More importantly, archived months also only showed about 10-12 days worth of each month. As hopefully just a temporary fix to that, I have changed the archive settings to weekly. Since that creates a much longer and uglier archive list, I've moved it to the bottom of the right column. So if you're looking for an older post or new to the blog and interested in perusing older posts, you'll now find the archives there. I've been debating a move to WordPress, so there could be more changes to come, but probably not anytime too soon. If you're new here, welcome. I try to post almost daily, but it often is about five times a week. I'll highlight work here as well as other creative inspirations, but more often its just daily observations or happenings, travelogue views when on the go, or just random interesting things. And for the record, if you're also checking out my work website, it's also a bit out of date. Updates to that are long overdue and next on my list... I'll highlight new recent works here as they post there.


Грязин said...
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Anonymous said...

I have yet to read your blog ....I'm not one of those ...congrats ...well done ....I love what you have done kind of people.....just a person that has a lot of questions in their head....good criteria for an avid blogger you may say.!!! But how do I generate the right amount of traffic without being too..I dunno ...too much of a seasoned blogger!! Love the blog ...by the way!!