April 3, 2010

one dangerous tongue

An unexpected new food truck experience came my way today - and it was unexpectedly amazing. For the record, I really don't eat all the time. My friend Cherie says I must love food, because I'm always posting pics of food. What I love is when its a unique experience - which applies to what I love in travel, in architecture, in anything. That's a reason I love the whole food truck phenomenon - each one is a different unique experience; plus add in the twitter aspect and it makes it even more fun. Yesterday I happened to catch a tweet that the @komodofood truck was going to be in Manhattan Beach. Since that's pretty rare, I knew I had to go. What I didn't know was how different their food was. Their site says "We believe in being adventurous with our flavors...combining unique and unlikely ingredients together to achieve the ideal composition." They do. The Komodo signature taco was rich and full of taste - I dunno what they put in their beef, but its somethin else. The early bird taco was a huge surprise - egg bacon and sausage of course, but the peppers and shitake mushrooms and some kind of sauce gave a really unusual and unexpected twist of flavors. I also samples the blazing shrimp, which was indeed blazing (and good), but not as special as the others I tried. And as long as I'm raving, I also have to give them props for their design. Their website and truck are both well-designed, with a bold cleanliness and consistency you don't find in food trucks. This may just be my favorite truck yet. Its gonna take a few visits to try everything that looks good on their menu.
  • komodofood.com (menu)

    Anonymous said...

    Those look amazing!

    dwiyan_keepearth said...

    komodo , is the one name of my island in my country and it is the fabulous island with the extinct animals named Komodo Dragon. Sorry, if i don't well in speaking english.