April 16, 2010

in the fort

Not a whole lot to show here...I havent been taking many pictures for whatever reason. I'm in Fort Lauderdale now for a rodeo weekend. The trip out was pleasant, as Virgin America flights tend to be. The one downside to seatback monitors with inflight entertainment systems is when the person behind you feels like they have to jab the screen to switch channels or type on it. I haven't found the polite way to point this out to someone behind me yet. I woke up to clouds and rain in the morning and figured the scheduled rodeo pool party wouldn't happen. I forgot that it rains all the time here, and in a few hours the sun had broken through and the party was on. It was great to see a lot of old friends, which is probably the best thing about these events; that and making some new ones. I also forgot about the warm windy nights that remind me of being a kid down here to visit my Grandparents and family. Hopefully I'll get to see one (or both) of my cousins from Miami over the weekend, too. Rodeo kicks in tomorrow, so I promise better pics then.

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