April 30, 2010

break check

Sorry for the gap in posts, its been a pretty busy week. But - a boys gotta eat. And as you probably know, I'm addicted to LA's twittering gourmet food trucks, so every Tuesday a trip to the fairly new LAX Food Truck Lot is a must for me. This week was a tough one, with so many different trucks offering things that sounded really good. The @LeesPhilly truck seemed to have the biggest crowds for their Gogi Beef Cheesesteaks, but that sounded like too much food - no way to try more than one truck if I got that. So my main stop ended up being the @CrepenAround truck. They actually recognized me as I was walking by (uh oh, my groupiness is getting noticed), so I asked them about a special they had tweeted the night before that I didn't see posted. They had forgotten about it, but offered to make it for me. It turns out they hadn't even made one for themselves yet, it was a new creation: Salmon, cream cheese, capers, greens, onions and viniagrette. It was even better than I expected. The guys were super nice and while talking to them later also dropped the idea of a dessert maple crepe - they liked the idea, so maybe they'll give it a try sometime. I had enough room to try something else small, so went for a chicken skewer from the @Louks gourmet greek truck. Again, I was surprised - the meat was more tender and full of spices and flavor than I expected - not your ordinary skewer. I wish I had more room to try more things, but as it was, that was enough to end up being the only food I ate that day. A good break in a busy week.

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