April 11, 2010


I'm told that my Aunt thinks all I do is drink beer and chase food trucks. I'm sure its a joke, but be assured it isn't the case. But of course, hold an event that features both, a la Saturday's LA Beerfest, and I'm all over it. My friends Heith, Pat and Chris joined me for the festivities. Admission gave you a 4oz plastic mug and unlimited fills from all the brewers in attendance for 3 hours. Working against the crowd helped us get a good tour of everyone there with Pat and Chris going for the hoppier side of the spectrum while Heith and I leaned toward the wheat and white options. We grabbed some grub from the @worldfare bustaurant at the beginning of the fest - the bunny chow is indeed excellent, not to mention the truffle mac n cheese balls. At the end of the fest we also got some Japanese Peruvian food from the @lomoarigato truck. Definitely amazing. While there were a lot of good beers there, for me the standouts were the Nakhon White and the only true Weissbier I found, whose name I don't know (something like XXVI?) Franziskaner and Hoegaarden were listed as there, but I never found them. We also got to stay late with some other folks who worked on the lot, but getting out was a little difficult. Heith confirmed that sliding under the gate wasn't an option, and we eventually managed to find someone who could let us out. Course if the beer and food was still around, I coulda been happy just stayin there.

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