March 26, 2010

uneventful events

Not a lot to report, just typical days events outside of work stuff the last few days. My neighbor Laura and I made a run to the @LA_FuXion food truck when I noticed it was nearby and had lunch overlooking LAX. I went into West Hollywood for a work "mixer" type of event last night. My general shyness means I don't do parties or mixers very well; it was fun to see friends who were there and I haven't gotten to see for a long time, but beyond that, I didn't really do a lot of successful mixing. And today I was incredibly excited to finally get to try the @grlledcheesetruk for its first ever visit in the area. I expected a long line, but I hadn't expected that the line would close early. After takin a few pics I walked up to the line, only to discover the guy in front of me had a sheet of paper declaring him to be the last person in line. Denied. No cheese for me. So that's all thats been going on. And if you aren't already, you can always follow me on Twitter for more constant updates of whats up - I'm much better at updating there than I have been here:
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    langolier said...

    Wonder why that 'last guy' doesn't just pass his sign on back as folks show up behind him???

    Just wondering.

    Unknown said...

    yeah it didnt occur to me til later that maybe I coulda tried to bribe the guy!