March 23, 2010

recent hills

I did some work for this past season of the CW's series "One Tree Hill" last year. In the show, a character was going to have a talk show with a set containing a lot of video monitors that would need graphics. Part of the assignment for work like this is to design into the story of the show - in this case the design wasn't supposed to be "too" good - more like it should be along the level of mimicking what you'd see on a show like Dr. Phil, etc. Because scripts are written and changed while shows are already in production, a system was developed so that various words could be animated with quick notice along with other supporting graphics, as well as animating the logo they already had designed. I missed the episodes when they aired, and I have not been able to get clips of it in use. Tonight I did some hunting on YouTube which led me to a few clips and then to some episodes I could purchase from iTunes, so I finally got to see how they looked. Here are a few stills from what I found.

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Caroline said...

Why aren't there any posts?
I wish you the best, I miss cali!
it was my home for years!
Your designs are great! If you ever get east coast look us up!