March 9, 2010

playing favorites

Continuing my unintentional tour of all my favorite stuff in LA... My friend is in town, so I took him today to Clifton's Cafeteria (because if you haven't been to Clifton's, you haven't been to LA) and on a tour of a bunch of architecturally-themed sights (including my favorite building, the CalTrans Headquarters - and of all the times I've been there, his favorite thing about the building was something I had never noticed: the way they used cedar for the cement molding.). After what felt like a long day of touring, we stopped into Wurstk├╝che for a couple of my favorite Belgian and German white beers, followed by a late dinner at Phillipe's. A lot of favorites packed into one day.

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Jim said...

Thanks for reminding me again why I love L.A.. I see you've posted photos of some of my favorite spots. We'll be back again in May and I can't wait. Funny, I was just reading about Wurstk├╝che. What's their food like?