March 1, 2010

a little more

I'm still in Vancouver decompressing a bit after the end of the Olympics (and after a heavy night of drinking after the final credits rolled). Here are a few more bits of some of the things I did this year as part of the design staff; and its worth repeating that the overall look was designed by lead designer Dave Barton and art director John Schleef of NBCOlympics. The McDonald's and Visa sponsored segments aired throughout the Games and were some of the first things I did after getting to Vancouver - we try to make those match the sponsors brands while still using elements that tie to our look. The other pieces in these stills and in the video links below are for more bumpers - one of the Shaun White bumper as it aired, and a Ski Jumping and Hockey bumper shown as I deliver them (no audio, etc.), sometimes these air full screen, other times in video monitors (and sometimes not at all). Overall I probably did more than 20 different bumpers, but the ones I've posted are a few of my favorites.
  • Vancouver2010: Shaun White bumper
  • Vancouver2010: Ski Jumping bumper
  • Vancouver2010: USA vs CAN Hockey bumper
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    Anonymous said...

    Great stuff Jon. NBC's coverage of the games (especially the design) was first rate. Well done.