March 21, 2010

free the dune

This is how we protest in Manhattan Beach. Actually, to be fair, this wasn't really supposed to be a protest, but more somewhere between a rally and a beach party - which is exactly what it was. Last Fall, the city closed Sand Dune Park because it became too popular. Yup, you read that right. Parks are for people. Just not too many. Actually, they closed it for routine maintenance for a while, then a few weeks later announced that it would never reopen. Over the last few months a group of residents has organized to try to come up with compromises that would allow the park to reopen, and they held a rally today on the beach, followed by a march to the dune. They contacted me and asked me to design a t-shirt for the rally a few weeks ago. Maybe its because I'm used to my work being on a sceen, but there's always something fun about seeing my work in another medium. And seeing it on a whole group of people was even more fun (not to mention the banner carried by the kids at the front of the march.) If you're interested in more info on Sand Dune Park, there's a link below to the groups website, as well as a great memoir to the dune written by a local who played on the dune almost 50 years ago.
  • Easy Reader: Memoir to Sand Dune Park
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