March 31, 2010

beer thirty, part 2

While Saturday's beer adventure was impromptu since I happened to be in their neighborhood, Sunday they had plans to come to mine. George, Joe and Debbie biked down from Santa Monica (just about far enough to qualify as crazy if you ask me) and I got to introduce them all for their first time to my happy place: Simmzy's. I've posted about Simmzy's countless times, so I won't belabor the point, but true to form, the food was amazing (I finally got to try their weekend-only breakfast pub scramble - nom!), the staff was fun, and the beers were great. They even tapped a new keg of Hef while we were there - surely, just coincidence! Sunday's weather here was about as perfect as you could ask for, so spending it with friends on bikes and over beers made for a perfect day - and hopefully a prelude of the summer to come.

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