March 30, 2010

beer thirty, part 1

My friend Joe likes beer, maybe more than I do. I was up in Santa Monica Saturday and I knew Joe was in town, so we met up to hang out while his husband (and my pal) George was at work. The plan wasn't necessarily for beer, but somehow we both seemed to gravitate toward the idea. Go figure. I had read about a place I wanted to try called West 4th and Jane, so we wandered there. With a beer menu multiple pages long and several Whites, Hefeweizens and Belgians to choose from, I knew I was going to like it there. There was plenty to sample, so food also ended up in the mix. Their selection of sliders and their meat & cheese tray were both far better than I would have expected. The owner was tending bar and guiding us to other beers we would like, the place was comfortable and casual, and the crew was fun. Short of being outside, it was a pretty perfect way to spend an unplanned afternoon. Its definitely a new favorite of mine when out on the north side of town.
  • West 4th and Jane
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    I now dizzy am ... from viewing your photos