February 6, 2010

inside out

Things are in full gear now for us, and at the same time starting to settle in. The rest of the staff is now here and we have moved to our split shifts which keep the equipment being used almost 24 hours a day. I'm on the evening shift, which has my day starting at 3pm and into the next morning. But its also the point where we start to figure out how to get things like laundry or gym or haircuts etc all figured out (or at least it is for this cowboy!) and starting to discover whats around beyond just the IBC where we work and the hotel where we sleep. The town has come alive dramatically in the last 24 hours as accompanying street events get into gear and tourists seem to be everywhere. This is the first time I've ever seen crowds of tourists around the broadcast center - I suppose its just something to see, though all anyone can see is the outside of the building and the walls and layers of security surrounding it. Next week, I should be able to show you some parts of what we've been creating from the inside. But until then, you'll just have to wait.

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