February 23, 2010

game on

We've been crazy busy this year with the Olympics broadcasts. I guess things are going well given the much higher than expected ratings, and of course the higher than ever USA medal count. One perk of being here is the occasional chance to get to an event, so my friends and fellow late shift designers Dana and Victor and I got to take in a morning hockey game today. It was Switzerland vs Belarus and it turned out to be a really great game. Olympic hockey rules make for a much more fun game than NHL hockey, but these teams were in it for the win, so they were playing with conviction. It went down to a shootoutl pretty damn exciting. And on top of it all, we lucked out with great seats. It may be the turning point mentally. We're at the countdown to the end point, and after the last few days I've become really frustrated with the city and experience (part of which is just the normal burnout that we know and expect when we take the job). Starting the day with the game was fun, and after a rough day at work, even though the trains were already shut down, we scored a bus and actually found a beer at an open bar right before closing, then internet had been restored to our hotel when we got home. Things are looking up finally...

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